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Fashioned after the British magazine 'Punch,' in the second-half of the 19th century, the Parsee Punch became a household satire magazine in India.

It regularly lampooned the British Raj; despite its scathing caricatures, the British seemed to take a fairly liberal policy towards the publication, even feeling a sense of pride for their "tolerance" in the face of criticism.

Given the recent jailing of Indian cartoonist Trivedi, it is interesting to note how our current attitudes towards satire differ from our colonial rulers who were, ironically, more tolerant of dissent.


"The breadth of subjects handled by the Parsee Punch is remarkable. From international relations to colonial officialdom to community affairs, the artists of Parsee Punch spare nothing and nobody. The drawings are in the original Punch style, engravings with a caption underneath. What gives them a quaint, localised flavour is the Gujarati translation below the English one; often the former have an earthiness that’s missing in the latter."
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