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A cool drink is a drink that is cool and non-alcoholic and most often fizzy. Cool drinks are available in Iyengar bakeries and college canteens. A thumbs up in your mother's fridge would not be called a cool-drink.

Examples of cool drinks include thumbs up, gold spot, torino, bejois and limca. Coca Cola, 7-up, Sprite and Mirinda are often mislabled cool drinks but know that they are actually not.

If a boy asks a girl if she would like a cool drink, it can be assumed that the boy is wanting to put kai. If the girl agrees, it can be assumed that he will succeed. Best way to kadde a boy is to go for cool drinks, make him pay and then leave with friends by auto.

Due to this connection between cool drinks and putting kai, having cool drinks can also be used as a euphemism for the kai putting.


Appa: (angrily) what Ravi, why were you not in college today?
Ravi: no Appa, I was there.
Appa: Don't lie, Prof. Lakshmipathy told me you were absent. What were you doing, having cool drinks with that Lakshmi again?
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