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Republic Day

\Republic Day\
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Noun. February 2, 2015, Word of the Day


The 26th of January is "Republic Day" in India, and generally is a day to commemorate the adoption of the Indian Constitution by the whole country on the same day in 1950. Much soul-searching still goes on about whether the ideals in the constitutional preamble are lived up to, 63 or so years later, but we leave that more complex discussion for other sofa sadhus. It's a public holiday, after all, so let's all chillax.

Republic Day is celebrated with great pomp in Dilli, where an impressive parade takes place around the India Gate area, featuring floats, military men and women, and impressive mustachioed baton-twirlers, some even wearing kilts. As an eng bai, it would thrill the heart of this definer to see elephants, camels, and horses pass by during the parade, along with tanks and jeeps and colourful representatives from all over the country.

Now of course, a not-so-very eng bai might decide that watching the parade on TV makes him feel morose and lonely and pensive, given all that the country has been through recently. So then he decides that watching it while sipping IMFL would really be living well, except he then realizes that Republic Day is a state-mandated Dry Day, so no such luck. So he watches the parade feeling morose and lonely and pensive, and tries hard to remember when the pageantry of it all would sweep him away.


Macha, let's go to Coorg to visit Thimmi, no? We'll get a long weekend because of Republic Day. And I'll buy thanni for our trip, don't worry about the dry day naansense.
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