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Americans have "cli-ass", the British has "claass" (with the most flattened "a"), while the Konnodigos (the indigenous community of the Southern Indian state of Karnataka) have "closs". Irritating, uproarious or endearing, the true-to-his-roots Kannadiga's inability to pronounce the flat "a", has become an indicator of his inherent identity. But, the closs-less residents of Bangalore city (the ones who pronounce the "a" conventionally correctly) have come to appreciate this chronic characteristic of the Connodiga closs of commoners. Flustered from my "cross" behaviour one-day during a college lecture, Proffser Karunakaran said sternly, "Mr Lobo, please see me after the closs!" I replied with a good-naturedly, "Ok, boss!", to which his retort came swift and sharp, "Mr Lobo, dawn't be an oss!" End result: I was unable to poss his closs.


"I can't marry you, Ms Iyengar. You Brahmin bakers, dawn't yet knaw, how to raise your bread, raise to thee occasion, or raise to my closs!"
Added 2013-01-07 by Tino Lobo