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Keeping with the grand Indian tradition of referring to horrific medical conditions with casual nonchalance, piles & fistula clinics abound, dotting the countryside with their speculum wizardry and promising to reverse the downside of eating spicy carb-heavy food that tax your gastrointestinal system to the max. Aiyo!


Venu: That Chettinad chicken, sora puttu, and neyappam curry I ate yesterday has been gushing out as I sit on the throne today, yaar. It feels like I am constantly sitting on a bonda, I may have damaged my kundi!
Dr. Murthy: I see. I'm going to refer you to Dr. Mehboob's piles & fistula clinic in RT Nagar. Drink a lot of water, eat one idli and see him first thing in the morning. I will give you a character certificate and he will take care of you, cent percent.
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