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Noun. October 1, 2012, Word of the Day


Has nothing to do with toothpaste (see Babool). Has everything to do with corrupt gorement. You thought Spectrum Raja scandal was bad? Bofors? Creating vast herds of fictitious livestock? (see fodder scam).

Coalgate, as the scandal is now known in India, is centered on the opaque government allotment process that enabled well-connected businessmen to obtain rights to undeveloped coal fields. Private developers who secured public resources at rock bottom prices. Scam is supposed to cost the government $34 billion causing widespread outrage and opprobrium. Ushoo!


"The Prime Minister should resign from office on the Coalgate scam issue as heavy losses have incurred to the government and private companies have profited, asserted BJP national general secretary Kalraj Mishra while talking with media persons at Circuit House on Monday."
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