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Mini Meals

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May sound like Austin Powers' Mini Me... Mini Meals is as deadly and killer of an offer one wouldnt want to resist at many of the Pure Veg 100% AC/Non AC Restaurants in Tamilnadu. Its an easy way out combo meal ideally during lunch time. Its a set limited quantity lunch with the following in ample quantity to suit and fill One person:

In a basic food grade flexi plastic moulded covered compartment box; you will get:

1. Variety Rice One: Either Lemon, Corriander Mix
2. Variety Rice Two: Sambhar Rice
3. Chapathy One Number or Big Dose of Chips
4. One Veggie poriyal
5. Some Kurma
6. Pickles
7. Poppadums (if no chips)
8. Curd Rice
9. Sweet Item (Kesari/ Halwa)
Along with a plastic spoon and tissue

And at a great price; you can have a neat executive working lunch on your coference table or even eat out at the restaurant. Mini Meals is just right not too heavy and not too light... Treat yourself and ur friends now!!


Sugavanam: Shall I order Mini Meals for all?
Chandru: Can I take your curd rice? since you are lactose intolerant?
Sugavanam: ok sure, ur chapathy is mine
Chandru: Deal!!
Added 2012-09-05 by Akkila Urasawa