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I'm in a state of being upset with you where the punishment I choose to administer is a withdrawal of verbal communication. Long story short, we are not on speaking terms (for now). This is usually a short lived affair.


Seetha: "Hey man, long time no see, where have you been yaar? Did I tell you I went for my cousin's wedding in Gurgaon and they had 10 different cuisines on their lawn at the farm party? Also last week my mom was a bit sick so I took her to the clinic but everything is a-ok by the grace of God. Anyway, exams next week no? Finished mugging or what? I'm damn nervous I say, my pop is putting pressure also. I think I want to just go to the States to study yaar, have some freedom for a change you know? Then? Yen samachaara? Why are you so quiet man?"

Radha: "I am katti with you. Forgot or something?"

Seetha: "Oh ya, totally forgot. I'm a tubelight today man. OK, I'll talk to you tomorrow then, tata!"

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