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The shunning of any kind of cereals. A kind of hunger strike, where you are actually eating but not any cereals. So you can stuff your face with fruits and nuts and juices.

Currently in vogue due to a man in a Gandhi topi calling for flogging of alcoholics and alcohol prohibition who at the slightest provocation will sit on an anshan with his equally suffering Arvind Kejriwal. Suffering from Napoleon complex.


Arvind Kejriwal - Sab chor hai!! Everybody quit your jobs and social life and join us to sit on anshan!

Anna Hahazare - You should not smoke cigarettes, drink alcohol, eat paan paraag, go out at night, listen to loud music, watch ashleel movies.

Arvind Kejriwal - On our left is the official Anna store where you can buy Offical Anna topis and please buy my book.

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