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chutium sulphate

\chu-thi-umm sulp hate\
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Like my friend said,'complete moron'. Well, it's true to the context but improperly said. I dunno if the person who derived this word was a chem guy or a pharmacist. Whoever it was, he gave a nice reaction to it altogether.
Chutium is a mixture of chutiya and a chemical element called sodium (its volatile!) simply means to say a person is fool and volatile!!...and sulphate is an unpleasant compound derived from sulphur(u know what sulphur is used for) when these two words are added together they form a deadly combo of foolishness.
It's just a chemically nicer way to say a person is chutiya!
Though it can mean a lot of different things deriving from chutiya... but for an illiterate, chutium sulphate still remains a mystery word!...cant be deciphered and the things you can't make out or know is left un bothered!!..


example has already been mentioned!
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