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simp simply

\Simp simp-lee\
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Extreme and superlative form of simply.

Typically used in an accusatory or aggrieved way suggesting that the referred to activity, event or noun is false, misleading, cunning, thieving or generally speaking disingenuous.

Often used as a smokescreen to deflect criticism when caught red-handed.

Derived from the Kannada phrase "sum-sumne" meaning, er, simp-simply

one of a giant class of South Indian English phrases that make no sense in English and have to be translated into Kannada, or Tamil to make sense.


Gopal (caught with hand in cookie jar) : " Simp-simply why you are calling me thief? I was just cleaning!!"

Ramesh: "That Gopal is so good, no? Other day I saw him helping old lady across street"
Venkat: "Simp-simply he must be doing. God knows whatandall he must have taken from her bag!"

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