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A Molaga Podi is an actress who does very well in an item number.

On an unrelated note, is an account of Molaga Podi in a direct, literal and hilarious note: the story is as follows:

On a hot college day, two young ladies mount a bus heading to Stella Maris college. The svelte one is carrying a normal sized lunch box, while the other, a rather well rounded lady, is carrying a tiny round stainless steel tiffin box.

Two young college going men observe the fat one in some awe. The first whispers, " Machan, she is so biggu, but her tiffin box is so smallu, how is thattu?". The other responds, " you don't know anything, this is just Molaga Podi, pinnadi lorryla idli varuthu. (translation: This is just the Molaga Podi, there is a truckfull of idlis coming behind)


Jayamalini had a Molaga Podi song in that movie.
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