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Kantri is corruption of the English term 'country', just as "Naati" is the corrupt form of the English word 'Native'.
In both the cases the English man and his queen's subjects agreed that the terms mean 'local' and at the same time 'below par' with whatever that was European or English. Kantri also means a mongrel, like what Kannadoggy is; barking about others' pedigree being unsure of her own parentage.

I haven't heard the words 'Kantri' and 'Naati' in languages other than Kannada. May be another samosapedian will enlighten us about similar English-Native 'thadbhavas'.

The term kantri assumes its most common meaning when used as a qualifier for human nature when that nature is compared to that of a dog, which is cunning.


Kantri naayi saakokkey kharchu kammi.(It's inexpensive rearing a mongrel/local dog.)

Savyasachi kantri nan maga.
(Savyasachi is a cunning son of mine)

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