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In a culture which worships the cow and most other animals (as long as they are not mosquitoes, flies, rats, lizards and ants) finding meat joints is pretty tough for most people. The only places you can find beef is in the Muslim areas and pork is probably found only in Coorg! Chickens are somehow not considered animal enough along with poor goats. They are slaughtered quite without remorse for culinary purposes. Even so finding a dhaba where you can have non vegetarian 'meals' - on a plantain leaf, fresh home cooked food, all you can eat - is literally a dream. There will be many many many vegetarian ones but ask for non-veg and people shake their already bobbing heads even more vigorously!
Why 'Military' then?
Oh - the Fauji man was considered - before the days of WWF, something of a beefcake. He was allowed to eat 'non-veg' whatever be his kulam from before coz now he is a Kshatriya and thus entitled to some flesh and blood. To serve him, a patriotic cause would stir no local sentiments against such a paapam, thus was born the euphemism
So asking for non-veg meals if you are traveling in AP will get you nowhere boss, ask for ....


Somewhere in Cuddapah, a miserly faction leader observing austerity measures in the wake of CBI's investigation into the corruption charges of their leader.

Side-Kick to Faction Boss:
Anna gaddi tini tini visukuga undi...
(brother grass eating eating irritating is...)
Faction Boss to Side-Kick:
Aithe, Military Meals aa ee roju?
(so, military meals is it today?)
Side-Kick to Faction Boss:
Okka Roju Anna...
(for one day brother)
Faction Boss to Exhausted Driver:
Orei! Aapa ra bandi, poyi adugu manchi Military Meals laaginchaali
(Hey, stop the car, go ask around, good military meals have to pull in)

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