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Colleges (time spent in), depending on the degree or course you are studying last 3 to 4 years of full-time study for most Arts, Commerce or Engineering disiplines; Medical courses takes longer.

Each year is typically divided into 2 semesters and for degrees in Engineering, students take mandatoriarly prescribed courses for the first three years (although now-a-days, some flexiablity is possible). There is some choice in the final year and typically also needs a thesies (or dessertation) for completing credits required to graduate.

Arrears are exams in subjects (or papers) that you have flunked in any semester, that you need to re-take in the following term. The worst kind are when you flunk or have arrears past 8th semester, which requires you to make humilating trips back to college to re-sit exams with your juniors.

Seniors who are Oors sometimes stay and study with their juniors, although more commonly, they rent mansion nearby and eat in outside mess.


Ramesh: Machan, I got aap-adchified and flunked in SoM da.
Mani: Arrears-a, no worry da, half the class flunked as well.

SoM - Strength of Materials

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