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Style of dressing preferred by Jitender (in 70's and 80's); where the colour of the shirt, belt, trousers and shoes are all the same - usually white.

Also, the style of clothes inflicted on all members of the family by cheap parents who by 'cloth-by-the-meter' and 'get-it-stiched' resulting in cringe-inducing family photographs (many in black-and-white).

Note bespoke tailoring is not expensive in India and was preferred until the 90's when branded clothes became more popular.

Remember 'Only Vimal'?

Even now, mothers fondly ask foreign-returned sons buying Peter England shirts, "matching trouser?"

Note: As far as I am aware, there is no international brand called 'Peter England' but that does not seem to deter sales!

Also used by mothers to ask their daughters or daughter-in-law, "Saree-ke matching blouse?" (although in some instances, it may sometimes mean contrasting colour, rather then same colour)


Amma: Matching blouse?
Shop Assistant 1: Indhu pakkam Madam.
Shop Assistant 2: yenna-range?
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