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A most insignificant piece of information that nobody really cares about, but is portrayed by news channels to be one that ought to make your hair stand on end and make you want to question your very existence in this world. The frequency of occurrence of a breaking news on news channels is approximately every 30 seconds. Breaking news usually is flashed to the innocent TV viewers in a bright bold display at the bottom of television screens that takes up nearly 50% of the viewing space. The remaining 50% is taken up by a pretty news reporter whose zombie like expressions do not do justice to her innate acting abilities. The pretty reporters sign off at the end of every breaking news by announcing their name and the news channel to which they are affiliated to in a loud and proud voice.


Doorknob Goswami : Breaking news…..Old man in village slips on banana peel and hurts his backside. Old man unable to get up and has been trapped in a seated posture for the last 2 hours. Rescue team on the way. Family of old man blames government's apathy towards old men in villages.
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