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The word neta brings to mind a slimy, porki, kurta pajama wearing, Gandhi topi wearing, smiling man with his hands perpetually giving you a namaste with his shoulders in a hunch. His fingers will be filled with huge rings for astrological purposes, and a massive thick gold chain around his neck under his kurta.
That was then.
Now netas are children of the above mentioned netas. These netas are foreign returned, with good education and armed with a POMO mentality.
They've had careers abroad but have realized that however a good job they may have had, a career in politics is still the most lucrative.


Anna Hazare - Neta chor hai! All of us should go to MMRDA ground and do a flash mob.
Team Anna applauds.
Aam aadmi is waiting for a day when these publicity crazy idiots stop assaulting the senses.

Added 2011-12-28 by Mildly Racist