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In kid-speak, a request for a reprieve, a time-out.

When you are playing a game along with your friends, your mother (or father) may suddenly call out to you. An order to perform an errand (with immediate effect) may follow. At this time, you can opt out of the game by asking for a time-out by uttering the aforementioned word.

Can be used in any situation where you would like to take a break.

Usage mostly preferred by people between the ages 3-13.

Same as Time-please.


Kids are playing hide-and-seek, loudly in the colony. Bunty hides behind the entrance of the B-wing, Building no. 9. It is Suri's den. Bunty is very sure that he will not be caught out.

Suddenly, his dad ambles along on his Bajaj scooter.

Bunty's Dad: Bunty, what are you doing here? Where's that letter I asked you to get from Mama?

Suri: Bunty, tappa!
Bunty (simultanenously): Eh, Times!

Suri: Bunty, out! Bunty, out!

Bunty: Eh, I said na, Times!

Suri: I didnt hear it, I didnt hear it.

Bunty sheepishly steps out, glaring at his dad.

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