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Bhojpuri for sister in law and it simms the target of lustful intentions of many a Bihari, Purvanchali and Madheshi misguided youth.
Every bhojpuri film has the word bhauji in its title or in at least one song.
The Bhojupuri Film Industry has sanitized lusting after ones own sister in law because well it is not incestous really, just borderline.

(Root language is Bhojpuri a language spoken by 38.5 million people in over 6 countries but it simms it is not listed by samosapedia. Thus listed under Nepali where it is called Bhauju)


Taneswar - Humar bhauji kaa must ba. (My bahuji is really tight.)

Ramswaroop - Dhut! Humra bhauji tohar bhauji se bud must ba. (Dhut! my bhauji is much tighter than your bhauji.)

Banke - Ja laura! Humra bhauji tohar dunu ke bhauji se must ba. (Fuck off laura! my bhauji is tigher than both your bhaujis.)

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