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A favourite punishment amongst the Indian Army training staff apart from rifle-lugging. Front roll is a corruption of the term Forward Roll, most likely borrowed from the Brit army who borrowed it from gymnastics.

The front or forward roll is started from a standing position. The gymnast then crouches down, places their hands shoulder width apart and hands facing forward. They tuck their chin to their chest and place the back of their head onto the floor. They then push off of the floor with their legs and rotate over their head onto their back. The gymnast then presses their feet onto the floor and whips the arms forwards to stand up.


PK: Hey, have you boys seen DP?
Someone in the crowd: He should be barfing given the 5 rounds of front rolling he's done this morning.
PK: Why? What happened?
Sitc: Boozy caught him taking the super short-cut over the greens, 5 rounds straight. Poor guy, if I was him, I say I'd rather walk the extra mile than have my innards in my mouth.
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