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Baffled when I discovered the actual meaning and intent behind his exclamation, I knew that I was obviously still a new visitor to Mumbai. "Marathi made saanga, Zhawnyache!", came the voluble, verbal flourish after I tried some condescending Butler English on a proud son-of-the-soiled. Confused in trying to discern his tone and wrongly translating it as indicative of warmth and friendliness (thanks to the term's musical ring), I replied, sincerely, "Hehehe, same to you, my brother!" It turns out his "salutation" actually meant, "Speak in Marathi, fucker!" Indeed, Zhawnyache, to put it in pristine, upper-English, translates to - someone who harbours, and acts on, an overwhelming proclivity to perform coitus with a desirable member of his or the opposite sex, any actual accompanying sentiment, notwithstanding.


"Tu majja boyfriend, ahe?" Naka! Tu, zhawnyache ahe!,", which translates from Marathi to, "You think you're my boyfriend!" No, thank you! You're just some fucker!"
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