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Tender coconut. Bonda in South Canara and Udipi Kannada and Tulu.


A road trip anywhere in South Karnataka is consummate only when you deservedly take a break, empty the bladder onto a wall next to the bus-stand, light a fag, possibly eat a Maddur vada or another snack and wash it down with a 'Yelneer'. Ogling is optional.

Now, you now have reason to take another break in an hour and a half, to empty the bladder once again. Yelneer not only quenches and cools your body, it is a great diuretic.

Ask for one that is neither too tender nor very ripe. Ask the 'Yelneer'* to give you a Yelneer with "Dosey" ( yes, the tender dosa like flesh inside is called 'dosey' the actual Kannada word for 'dosa' which is Anglicization!). A golden brown Yelneer is sweeter than dark green ones. Haggling on yelneer price is a thing of the past.

If you are adept at it and enjoy manly style, the best way to drink it is locking your mouth on to the hole made by the hawker and lifting the fruit upside down by cocking your head back turning your face to the sky above and gravity-feeding the juice in a continuous stream into your GI tract.

If you are a frooti or ladice or wear a neck-brace, you ask for a Pipe aka straw.

{ * in Karnataka, a hawker is often addressed by the stuff he hawks. Like a Kadle Kayi (peanut) seller is often addressed as Kadle Kayi. Simple!}

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