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So, in college, there is one diligent, earnest, hardworking, often devout, guy or girl who sits in front, never sleeps though class, makes copious notes, and has a great handwriting. A few days before the exam, the rest of the class, the normal people, who bunk class, get proxy, sleep, or are too lazy to write notes (unless it is to the pulchritude sitting next to them), harass the said diligent boy, usurp his notes and make various xerox copies of them. These notes are then used to prepare for the exam.

If the notes of a particular person are quite brilliant, they are handed down generations and generations until a new professor decides to change the course plan.


"Macha, you bought the textbook?"
"No chance! Xerox notes is there no. More than enough. Textbook money can be diverted towards thanni purposes."
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