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1. Place palm in a relaxed position facing towards the floor, with your arm slightly bent at the elbow at the sides of your six pack.
2. Twist your wrist in a sudden motion making the palm face up. The fingers should be relaxed enough to be facing in various directions with the index finger pointing to the general front direction.
Congratulations, you have performed a wrist twist.

This motion should be accompanied with an expression of exasperation or cluelessness, such as: 'What is this?' or 'I don't know' or 'God knows'.


Fuckrudin - What the hell are we supposed to do on a foggy sunday?

Sankarmangalam - (wrist twist) I don't know? Lets go to parathey wali galli and do some epic butchering?

Fuckrudin - Sanks man! yous a genius!

Dhanush - (wrist twist) Whys this kolaveri di?

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