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A hit song by Dutch-born Punjabi singer of Pakistani origin, Imran Khan.

Chorus/Crux of the song:

ni gaddi sadi beja ni jattiye,
ni door tenu lehja, we arriye
ni woofer tu meri,meri
mein tera amplifier, fier

(Sit in my car,
We'll both go afar
You be my woofer,
I be thy amplifier).


Spread like an epidemic nationwide across pubs, discotheques, radio stations and black-tinted cars in 2009-2010.

Air-play subsided after the popularization of the singer's other hits 'Bewafa' and ' Bounce Billo Bounce'

Common sight at a Delhi disc

Jayz lookalike : Thairo! F**# Beiber . Imran Khan's 'Woofer-Amplifier' is the real sh*t.

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