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A wish to a person who is about to embark on a long journey. To be said in jolly manner accompanied by a half-salute.

Wannabe hep-jang aunties took this greeting to a whole new visit family-friend Vasu uncle & family in their Basavangudi home; say hi-hello, eat bonda, mixture & Indian sweets, drink teacoffee & put some gossip. Dad gives Mom that 'look' that means ''enough you have kuied I say, lets GO now.'' So you say tata bye-bye & prepare to go back home to Malleshwaram. Entire Vasu family comes out to see you off. (Thats a very good thing, by-dhi-bye; Daddy's Fiat car's dynama may do SSLC fail & yavvrybody can help to push. No?)

Mrs. Vasu, wearing slick-saree-big-bindi-&-lottof-gold-jevelry sees a group of her kitty party friends passing by. She pretends she hasnt seen them. Mustering up all the English lying dormant in her heart, raises her hand in a half-salute, & against the background music of the Fiat car revving up, shrieks...

''Wish you a Happy Journey!''


Poori: Okay saar, I will take your leave. I am now proceeding towards my holiday.
Aruneshwara: Aan? Holiday aa? When why what where?? You are taking my leave, but did you apply for it??
Vikkeshwara: Where is yuvar upplication?
Studdeshwara: Okay, Wish you a Happy Journey! (From our cabin to yours) Go back & start TYPING!!!
Poori thinking: *Ththu, yellow yellow dirty fellows*

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