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wine shop

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A retail outlet for hard liquor and beer. Generally no wine is to be had in these stores. You wouldn't find wine shops in the midst of bustling markets with general stores, departmental stores, and the like. These somewhat frowned-upon business establishements tend to be tucked away in rather crowded rows of small shops or along highways in the outskirts of towns and cities. Wine merchants (with resonant names) are a different category altogether. There you would find a variety of alcoholic beverages including wines, sometimes even the imported variety. I imagine that being caught in a news photo (for example) outside a wine shop could be as damning for the unfortunate Indian person as it might be for someone to be caught outside an adult entertainment shop in the U.K.


"I need brandy for the cake, darling. How can I go to the wine shop and all, you only tell me. Please be a sweetheart and get me a quarter bottle, no?"
"Didn't you bake a plum cake last week only, auntie? Again brandy?"
"What to do darling, I have to keep pouring brandy to ripen the cake, isn't it?"
"If you say so, auntie. Whatever makes you happy!"
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