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Going to Tannery Road by rik? Donant pa! Why take ricks?

It means 'Why take a risk?' And if youre really going to Tannery Road, why indeed, I would ask!

It can be fitted into yeach and yevry language also, see if you want-

Kannada: ayyo, ricks yaak thagobekappa!?
Shivajinagar:Ricks kai ku lena sso mom?
Tamil: nee ricks yen edukkre macha?
Hindi: ricks kyun le rahe ho bhai?

Telugu & Malayalam i left out because they will not say 'ricks' and all, chheh!
Telugu will be: 'yendukandi rissku?'
Mallus will ask "enthina 'risskk-uh'?"


Aunty: are retiring next month, no? SO much money you will get in wholesale..why dont you put in my brother-in-law's chit fund?? Nicely we can earn highgh returns & live like raja-rani.
Uncle: No no, why take ricks?! Full life I have worked hardly for this money. On top of that one pakka 420 your brother-in-law is..he put topi for his own sister, you remember? Made her pay advance for one site in Neenondlooz Nagara, saw minns theres no such place in Bangalore only it simms!! For HER only if he did like that, imagine what he will do to us!
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