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If there ever was a counterpart to the fabled rhetorical question, I give you the quintessential rhetorical answer: "Why means? Because!"

A curt interrogation killer that is both a natural truism and a self evident argument. A sobering tautology or a drunken toitology. It's dismissive, it's rude, and as such is perfectly acceptable parlance amongst friends.

But use it as proof of hypothesis in a classroom and you'll get a tight rap on your knuckles...


Gullu: "Brother. I punchered my cycle tire yesterday no, and my pop got damn angry and din giw my pocket money, da..."
Silesh: "Good for you. What for me?"
Gullu (half squeezing one eye with a quick head wobble to indicate the humblest of submissive requests): "Come on man... Buy me one stickjaw no? Please?"
Silesh (ever cruel): "No chance"
Gullu (shocked): "Why?!"
Silesh (wisely): "Why minns because..."


Chemistry Teacher (grandly): "Whyyyy isss ittt... that the brown cow is eating the green green gross and having the redddd blood, ett is providing the puuure white milk? Eh, I ask why?"
Back-bencher: "Why means because"
Chem Teacher (rapping him royally on the knuckles, while maintaining devout expression): "Idiot! That isss the God!"

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