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Kiske baap ka kya jaata hai!!?? In other words, whats MY problem??


When we were in Junior 1:

Vidu: *simsimply crying extra louuudly* Mummmeeeee!! Theres one horrible girl in my class who breaks all my colourpencill leads!
Vandi: *battingeyelids&beingverrycutiepie* amma, can i also break yawwrythings like that horrible girl?
Vikasa: Bwwaaaah! Bwwaaah!
Aunty: who she ij?? I will put it the teacher complaint! Hmph!
Uncle: Leawe it no Uma. Maybe horrible girl wants to break world record for colour-pencil-lead-collection. Okay, what is there? Let Vidu break & give no! Whose-fother-what-goes??!!
Aunty: Enoondre? I think you became littil myantal. HER fother's only will go no!!!!!!

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