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What ya
Literally means What the F! but said in a pleading girlish tone. Obviously only by girls. Mostly in Navy blue skirts, White shirts and Blue blazers with a tie and a school badge.
Why ya......No ya......
A khichdi of English and Hindi/Urdu
An Interrogative married to a Noun
What + Yaar, wherein Yaar is a beloved, friend, buddy
What ya! (said together)
This formula can be safely applied to ALL interrogatives, imperatives as well as Yes and No. So much so that the whole world becomes your Yaar/Ya and hence proves the ancient Vedic aphorism of 'Vasudeva Kutumbakam'.
You cannot ever cross the road at St Ann's Secunderabad without ever hearing this or a similar Yaar-i phrase emanating from the short-skirted fancy hi-fi ladeej of this girls convent.
Beware, you are not yet their Yaar/Ya, to be included in that sacred circle you might have to do much more than ogle at their legs.


Whatya Lakshmi whyya you are not coming to my place, seeya everyone is coming no, comeya ask your mother again, noya no boys are coming, whenya any boys are allowed in my house, don'tya act like this...
(on the other hand this could be an American Gangster movie influence - don'tcha think?)
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