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Alarming claim on the sign-board of a Gents Head-Cutting Saloon in North India.

Photo is doing the rounds on the internet, courtesy English Whirled Wide. Check it out. ('messes' is highly intriguing)!/photo.php?fbid=10150336931236928&set=o.83159994294&type=1&theater


Chandan (at Delhi Railway Station): Haylo hayloji Babitaji! Haa vuz your journeyji?
Babita: (loading bags into dicky) Phew! Not fineji!...there were two horrible children on the train...made my journey from Bhopal to Dalli a real nightmare! Flung khaana at everyone, jumped from berth to berth like chimpanzees, opened a potli that contained stones that they had collected for the journey & started throwing them from INSIDE the train at people standing outside...haay Rabba! I need one day of rastt to gatt over the trauma yaar! See (pointing) there they are, torturing their poor peer-ents with the remaining stones
Chandan: Hmm...there is s'lution..I saw one saaignboard on the said we do children cuttingji. Varry innovative binness idea btw, Babitaji.. Aise bacchon ke liye yahi sabak theek rahega ji! Shall we go & suggast the peer-ents?
Babita: Arrerrey! That shop belongs to my real brother itsalf ji, it is just a head-cutting saloon!!!!!
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