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Name given to lumbering trucks which are specially outfitted to supply water to parts of any Indian city or town, in case of an interruption in the civic water supply.

Considering that the supply of water in India can be moody and mercurial at times, (especially in the heat of summer), when the Sintex tanks in each house start to run dry, desperate folks pick up the phone and call for a water tanker or two to roll around to their neighbourhood. Once these tankers arrive, there is a great deal of confusion and fighting among neighbours, for everyone wants their Sintex tanks to be topped up first. The initial pell-mell gives way to some sense of calm once the tanker driver assures one and all that there is enough water for everyone, and that more tankers are on the way.

In the capital city of New Delhi, the government is considerate enough to automatically deploy said tankers in case of a water crisis, but in other parts of the country, residents are expected to fend for themselves and make their own arrangements.


*Water has not been supplied for three days in a row in Delhi, bang in the middle of summer*

Fother : "Haye bhagwaan! this heat is going to kill me this year for sure. And now the tanks have run dry, I can't even cool down with a bath!"

Mother : "Don't worry ji, I just talked to Mrs. Singh, she told me the water tanker is on it's way."

Fother : "Achha. Make sure you give the tanker guy some extra money and get him to supply the water to our house first."

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