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You are the guy at the non striker's end standing next to that brick you stole from Revi Engle's house that passes off as your stump. That bleddy fellow Mogan has missed the first four balls of the over including two full tosses and you desperately need to talk to him. Of course you are not sure the bowler will agree with you leaving your position and talking to the Mogan. after all he belongs to Krupa colony and everyone knows they are cheater cocks.
So what do you do? You loudly call out "Waits for the grease", makes sure everyone on the ground and your dad at work in the nearby bank can hear it and then walk across to Mogan to eat his head.

'Waits of the grease" and "Waits from the grease" also works, but don't use "crease" one knows what that minns


Revi (muttering) - Mogan useless fellow , hit the ball over gundu subbu at mid on..ok I need to talk to him.. umpire ''WAITS FOR THE GREASE!!!!"
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