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vickram mc and ludakrishna

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If you don't know them ur no indian!!
Vickram MC and Ludakrishna are two insane mallu rapper ungles who make satirical lyrics for mediocre english songs with a strong affection to frooti and mango pickles. Their names poke fun at ludacris and MC hammer.
They have a whole album of neat customized songs for an indian environment such as:
Welcome to india
Curry and rice girl
Fobbed out
Frooti girl
If you one funky foobed out indian you will immediately google or youtube them now!!


Welcome to india mango juice
LassI samosa crazy
Ladkis and lil kids all milking the bessies
Tooth brush in my pocket what is that
We use or fingers here to keep our teeth so clear
Who said that
Luda krishna here vickram doin the tata here
I'm sitting in the marathi supreme with cooling glass on no one bothers me
Biggest star since the yever famous mammoty.
- welcome to india.
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