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A porch, balcony, or gallery, most properly featuring a roof supported by pillars, although
(a) not always elevated -- that is, some verandahs can be on the ground floor
(b) many Indians will call any balcony a verandah even if it's open to the sky.

A note on etymology: Verandah is one of several words -- including bungalow and jodhpurs -- that originally derives from an Indian language (in this case, baraamda or baranda) but found its way into English by being Anglicized by the British colonizers of India. Wikipedia says that in this case the original was the Portuguese/Spanish varanda or varandilla (balustrade / balcony) -- and who are we to doubt the mighty W? On this note, worth mentioning that verandah can also be spelled without the final -h.


Mistress of the house, to the maid: Accha, Kantaben, you can hang up the clothes on the verandah to dry.

Mistress of the house, upon entering the club with her ladies-who-lunch friends: All of you go on inside and grab us a big table on the verandah, OK? I'll just leave a parcel with the reception and come.

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