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A famous Tuition class in Wilson Garden. Students who attend these are considered very studious and also sometimes hated at school for attending the same.

Venky Tuitions is know for a strict Teacher teaching Subjects as well as how to live life.

Students used to shit in their pants when it was a Surprise Quiz or Test. Cause if you dont answer.. you just dont wanna be there.


Eg 1
Raaaaja: voi.. maacha.. you know what.. that bleedy fucker got off into venki's daa..
Dumma: Ushhoooo .. really eh? I also want to get into venkis da.. then only i can pass off ICSE.

Eg 2
Robert: oii.. maaacha.. did you finish off venki's ome work ahh? so tuff problems he has given man!
Raaaja: ushooo.. thanks for remiding daa.. i also forgot off only.. let us copy from that selvakumar.. he always does ome work.

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