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In Tamil, vellaku means lamp and ennai means oil. Its used to refer to castor oil, presumably because it is the oil of choice for lighting a lamp. However, in the olden days vellaku ennai had a more dubious use. Our grandparents (esp. Tam brahms) believed in keeping the stomach and the "system" clean. So they devised a devious mechanism for this. Very simble. Take a karandi of vellaku ennai morning morning on empty stomach, run to the toilet and put tent there because for the whole day you'll be having full baydhee (loose motion). After some 18 hours you can come out and have some curd rice and lo behold ! your system is clean. How? Thatandaldonask. Ancient wisdom it simms. Thank God its ancient and most parents today aren't so mean to their children.


Mother : My mother used to give me vellaku ennai once every 2 months on a Sunday morning. Take one gulp in the morning, yevrything will come out smoothly. We were 7 children, so every Sunday it was somebody's turn.

Son : Yuck !

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