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A pithy Tamil saying that literally translates to: Construct a house, Conduct a Wedding (or Marriage for those of us Desis who think the difference is simbly semantic)...

It is what the world weary gent says to the annoying new kid on the block constantly complaining about life's trivialities like traffic jams and school admissions and corrupt passport officials and load shedding and ...

"Go construct a house and conduct a marriage and then we can talk about problems"

In the great Samsara train ride between the Bhramacharyam and Vanaprastham junctions, the life of the average Desi parent is one of continual existential angst driven by 2 concerns
1) How will I marry off my daughters?
2) Will I have a home of my own by the time I retire?

and this is why your 60-year old Appa...
...watching you ride off with your new green-card spouse in that taxi to the airport, standing on his freshly painted new verandah, turns to your Amma and says..
...I wonder what happened in the world after 1982..


If Kipling were reincarnated as a Desi, he probably would have written

If you can construct a house and conduct a marriage
and still keep your sanity and an erect carriage
You will be a man, my son

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