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\vav. not wow or vaaaaaav or woooow! just vav!\
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Exclamation. February 21, 2013, Word of the Day


(1) to express joy, suprise, sarcasm, sometimes sadness, awesomeness
(2) when you have nothing else to say
(3) when you want to say everything in one word
(4) as a palindrome, as a one syllable word
(5) for poetic effect, for lameness, for louu, or to call someone a cow

Vav is one of those versatile words that say it all.
Vav is an adjective, as well as an expression of suprise etc.
P.S. the above needs to be used in a dramatic way according to the situation/need..


"Have you been to that chat place in akkithimannahalli?! It is so vav!"
(in this case used to express awesomeness)

"You went home without saying goodbye... Vav"
(here used to express disappointment and sadness)

"The joke was so funny i forgot to laugh, so vav it was!"
(purely as an adjective)

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