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They had to call their purses by this mouthful sound; 'vanity bag' because the mean men had snatched away the usage of the term purse for their own wallets!

Ladice carried them all the time except when they were in the bath or puja room.

The memsahibs needed to be constantly alert to protect it from the pick pockets.

The girls needed it to protect themselves from monkeys and dogs, swinging the vanity bag at the approaching animal shouting "shoo! shoo!" or "choo! choo! "

A woman would feel as if she was naked if she didn't have her vanity bag in the studio-snapped snaps.


Vimla granny: " Kamla, I agree you searched the entire home for your luna key. But why don't you look once again in your vanity bag? You may find the key there. You may also find the ring you accused me of stealing 2 years ago, and then the remote control we lost 3 months ago1"
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