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To disturb the status quo.

To create chaos.

To complicate the situation.


Town Hall Meeting.

Mishra: Where our taxes are going? Who is answerable?

Council Chairwoman: Please calm down. What problem has happened?

Chaudhary: Roads are full of potholes, bridges are useless, traffic jams everywhere. Sab kuch vaat laga diya na? (It is utter chaos) Lady, what question you are asking?

Kidnappers' den

Chilly and Mirchi arrive with a loaf of bread.

Gangster: What is this! Bread!

Chilly: No guru, this is what he gave.

Gangster: What he gave means what!

Mirchi: We were waiting there, then the baker came.

Gangster: What are you talking about?

Chilly: You wanted cake no?

Gangster: Cake no! Biscuit, biscuit!

Chilly: See? They didn't have biscuit or cake, only bread.

Gangster: Arre, gold biscuit! GOLD biscuit he was going to give! In crores. Poora vaat laga diya na?

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