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\Vaas - thu\
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The Indian science of directional alignments for houses, offices etc. Was traditionally used for Temples. Now has become a thriving business, where 'vaastu consultants' can even change direction of a building without 'making structural changes'!(HOW you are asking?? Thatandoldonask.)


Vaastu Consultant (VC): Saar your door is South Facing. It should actually be North East facing. This is very bad. It can cause your family bodily harm.
Iyer: Aiyyo Rama! Now what to do? I have already constructed no?
VC: Not to worry! I will change the door facing to North East without structural changes.
Iyer: How saar??
VC: Nothing saar. You just give me the money I will do the rest through yantras and tantras.
Iyer: Take cheque saar! You have saved my family from bodily harm!
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