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Phrase. July 29, 2012, Word of the Day


A western settled or foreign returned Indian, who readily and enthusiastically gets his/hers chuddies in a bunch every time a western celebrity, publication, movie, song, government or virtually anything does or says something even mildly patronizing or offensive to the great Indian nation while perpetually masturbating to western cultural output.

He/She will tweet, blog, write articles, give public sermons as soon as they find out some obscure thing has offended the mahaan India.

The Indian government in its infinite wisdom always supports the ungli-readies because after all it is the supreme beholder of our collective maryada.


Ungli-ready - Dafuq! Oprah Winfrey had the balls to say that us Indians 'still' eat with our hands? WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

Ungli-ready - Dafuq! That guy who was banging Demi Moore did an Indian accent? WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

Ungli-ready - Dafuq! Obama says Indians are taking over American jobs? WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

Ungli-ready - Dafuq! They put one of our Gods on a bikini? WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

Ungli-ready - Dafuq! That guy called India dirty and smelly where cows and other sundry animals mingle with beggars on even the poshest streets? WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

Ungli-ready - Dafuq! Norway put an Indian kid in child care because the bachha slept on the same bed with the parents? That is so not cool, in India kids do sleep on the same bed with their parents, so what if that's not the way in Norway, it's not like we ask them to not do chumma chaati in public when they are in India like they would be ok doing back home. WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

Ungli-ready - Dafuq! Some assholes molested a drunk school girl who was apparently fighting with two other drunk girls and creating a ruckus on the streets and the mob was manipulated by a repoter into continuing the molestation till the camera comes? WHERES MY LAPTOP!!!

The laptop by now is smothered in saliva drooping from the mouth.

Added 2012-07-26 by Mildly Racist
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