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Uncle Chips were India's first homegrown branded potato chips.In the 90s,it was the best munchies a mother could give to her child.
Uncle chips's relevance in a kid's life was that of a jolly uncle who makes parties,family functions and long car drives bearable,if not fun-filled.
It's popular jingle ‘BOLE MERE LIPS, I LOVE UNCLE CHIPPS’ (My lips say I love Uncle Chips) was taken to heart by kids

Uncle Chips was acquired in 2000 by the multinational Frito-Lay India.Since then,Uncle chips has kept a low profile.


Kid in the 90's : I don't want to go to Anita Aunty's house.I get bored.

Mum: Beta,you have to come.You can play with her dog.
Kid: It bit me last visit.
Mum: Acchaa..I have told her to keep a big bag of Uncle chips to you.
Kid : Really?Yaaaaay!Let's go then.

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