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Screen name of a famous Hindi film comedienne from the last century, who was also a playback singer.

Her style of comedy was unique to Hindi cinema at the time. She was delightfully chubby, and she freely used her size to further her comedic antics, quickly becoming a favourite amongst film watchers of the day. Of course this was way before the whole size-zero rubbish movement that has infected the souls of eng persons today - back in the 1950's having some extra meat on the bones was a thing to be admired and envied in post-Independence India.

She was so popular that her name instantly became a part of everyday Hindi, leading to all fat Indian women being known as Tunn-Tunn.

Not to be confused with being two times tunn or Tintin.


*Neighbourhood auntie is waddling down the road, her considerable girth betraying her fondness for rasgullas and pakoras*

Jobless Boy1 : "Arrey baap re! Who is that?"
Jobless Boy2: "Her name? No idea. Everyone calls her Tunn Tunn auntie only"

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