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Limbo. A nice hanging in the air feeling. The job of a care-taker CM or PM until a real one is found. A day's worth of Utopia.
An one-night stand you find the same week you broke up.
A friend's vacant home on the night you were thrown out of your own for being what you are: an extreme fun loving creature.

There is everything you want. It's perfect. If you want to be attached to anything it is this. The flip side: It's temporary.

Sage Vishwamitra created it for a jolly man called Trishanku, who happens to be the father of another mythological giant Harischandra, who was addicted to suffering in the name of truth, inventing all possible troubles for himself and family.


Being stranded for a night in Las Vegas last week due to airline goof up was like being in Trishanku Swarga.
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