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Orangey fizzy cool drink of the 70's & 80's. Came in bottles, and, breaking all the conventional rules of Wren & Martin grammar, had 'torino' written on it in blue 'SMALL LETTERS'! Even the firstletter 't'! of the propernoun 'torino' which mustinshould have been in Caps! Warmed the cockles of our little hearts & didnt really induce high blood pressure in our parents in quite the way a fizzy drink should.

Strong mammaries come flooding to me, of rubber Jungle Book characters that you had to prise out of the bottle caps... the clever marketing people said we mustinshould have them all...& we were DID! What a collection I had...Bagheera, Mowgli, Sher Khan, Kaa...Kipling would have adopted me, id have thought.

But alas! According to members of the Gold Spot Moderation Committee, my mammary seems to be faulty & the Jungle Book stickers were in the Gold Spot caps, not in Torino I blivv!!

Okay, so what's there? I heart you Torino & I heart you too, Gold Spot!


Bhavna: Come to the kaka shop with me no? I want to buy one more Torino. Im missing Bagheera, maybe I'll get him in in today's bottle.
Ritu: Then its Gold Spot you'll be wanting, not Torino!! And why you want so many, you'll win All India award for Magzimum Collection or what??
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