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Like in most religions, fasting is an important duty of a practising Hindu. Hindu fasts are undertaken for various reasons, & some are performed on specific days of the week to honour certain gods; for example, Monday is the day of Lord Shiva, Tuesday - Goddess Kali & Hanuman, Wednesday - Lord Krishna , Thursday - Lord Vishnu, Friday - Santoshi Ma, Saturday - Lord Shani.

And Sunday?

I dont know pa. All i know is that its the first day of the week here in the Gelf where I live, & i need a pair of pliers to keep my eyes open.

Anyone can observe these fasts, obviously, but its often the lady of the house who undertakes to do it on behalf of her family members. So if you ask her to join you in a sea-food buffet at West End on a Monday afternoon, you might hear her exclaim: ''But today is my Monday!'' Its a quaint Indian usage which means s/he's fasting for _____ (refer list & affix appropriate god's name), & cannot partake of non-vegetarian food/ drinks/ whole grains/ root vegetables/ or whatever on that day.


Mrinal: I want to put drinks!
Nandini: So put no? Whats stopping you?
Mrinal: Will you Give company? I'm opening brand new bottle of Old Monk!
Nandini: Ayyo no ya! Today is my Monday.
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